Are The Drums Of World War 3 Currently Banging?

first published on October 12, 2016 by

As this joke of an American Election continues, the rest of the world is watching, and preparing. Is that the sound of war drums you hear?

In the second decade of of the 1900’s, the assassination of Austria-Hungary Archduke Franz Ferdinand would spark a World War that would ignite over 1 billion rounds of artillery, and kill 17 million people. In the third decade of the 1900’s, a feud between Japan and China over the Marco Polo Bridge would ultimately reignite that conflict, and drag the world into a second World War that resulted in the deaths of over 60 million people.


Today, we stand on the edge of a very large cliff, and find ourselves staring over it at another catastrophic war. On the world stage, all of the major players are in position and prepared, waiting for that one key event that will strike a match to the cannon’s fuse. Once lit, that cannon will explode in a thermobaric fashion, and decimate the world’s population.

During the Global War on Terror there was an iconic photograph taken in a Marine rifle company’s command and control center. It was a simple photograph, of a statement written on a white board that read, “America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war, America is at the mall.” Today, this statement still stands true, but in a slightly different fashion. The world stage is set for war, and America is still pacified at the mall.


While Americans are super concerned about petty subjects, like Social Justice movements, Kim Kardashian’s pleas to remain relevant in the public eye, and whatever vomit Buzzfeed is spewing out about 23 times X did Y for Z, are we once again missing the larger world image?

Our military is tied up conducting social experiments with female infantrymen, and allowing service members to take large convalescent leave periods to change their genders, instead of preparing for the next conventional war with a real world super power. Meanwhile, our not so friendly neighbors are taking steps, and making precautions, in order to prepare themselves for the coming storm, while openly threatening the American military complex around the world.

For example, Russia has openly stated that they will not hesitate to shoot down American aircraft in Syrian airspace if they feel there is an imminent threat to Syrian or Russian ground forces. Meanwhile, they have also issued a Russian-state wide order to bring all of their students studying abroad, and citizens traveling home to Russia.

American Naval vessels are being challenged, and even attacked on the sea openly by a number of nation states. Yemen, Iran, China, and Russia, just to name a few. Meanwhile, China continues the aggressive expansion of airfields on man-made islands in the South China Sea, allowing them to project their military might even further, without any real opposition outside of words from the American government.

This type of posturing from our neighbors is extremely dangerous to our young nation, but we have grown too confident in our abilities to win wars. We see these threats, and write them off as not a big deal. “We’re back to back World War champs, who would be dumb enough to mess with us?” At least, that’s what we keep telling ourselves when these situations come up.

Maybe this is why we as a nation think that we are prepared to tackle these small Social Justice movements, and set them as our highest priority. Maybe this mindset is the reason we choose to mostly ignore the world stage, and attempt to tackle the smaller problems that are impacting our smaller communities. Maybe we are too wrapped up in the Normalcy Bias as a nation to think that a war on the scale of world proportions could ever happen in our lifetime.


Maybe parts of the world view our military might as a threat to their sovereignty as individual nations. Maybe those nation-states view our social justice movements and the frequency of civil unrest here as an opportunity that they should take. Maybe they’re all just waiting for that one gunshot from us to ignite a billion rounds of artillery directly towards us.

Can you hear the drums of war thundering yet?


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