US Has Dropped More Bombs On Afghanistan In 2018 Than Any Other Year

first published on December 3, 2018 by

According to Air Force reports, the US has dropped more munitions on Afghanistan in 2018 than any other year on record, and we still have a month to add to that explosive tally.


According to the figures, 5,982 munitions have been dropped on targets this year alone. The previous record was 5,400 munitions dropped in 2011 at the height of the surge.

The figures include bombs, missiles, 105mm warheads fired from AC-130 gunships, and any expended ammunition size 20mm or larger.

The US has been waging war on multiple fronts across Afghanistan, taking on both the Islamic State and the Taliban. The US strategy was to hammer the Taliban into peace talks, although the enemy continues to gain the upper hand and take ground and inflict heavy casualties on indigenous Afghan forces.


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