More Improvised Weaponized Drones Emerge In Iraq, Now With The Police

first published on March 13, 2017 by

As we recently saw, ISIS is using drones fitted with 40mm grenades, now called ISIS40 drones, to effectively engage coalition forces in and around Mosul. In one of their videos, they attempted to edit in, and pass off as authentic, a small fixed-wing, remote aircraft as the drone responsible. However, based on the static hovering, and in-place turning, we concluded that the actual drone used would have to be a multi rotor remote helicopter.


Now, new videos have emerged, this time from the Iraqi Federal Police using their own improvised, weaponized drone in the battle for Mosul. We actually get to take a look at the aircraft used, and it is most likely the near exact setup as the type used by the Islamic State. The following is an Iraqi Federal Police video demonstrating the capabilities of their drone.

Photos from Iraq show a DJI Matrice 100 that is fitted with a munitions mount and remote activation device. The Iraqi Federal Police even released a video of them flying the drone, as well as engaging ISIS militants on the streets of Mosul.


It appears that the IFP prefer to use a badminton shuttlecock tail for munition stabilization, while ISIS appears to use whatever they have available. The following video is a mashup of Islamic State drone strikes using the same or similar aircraft.