Drone Footage Makes Combat Look Like A Video Game

first published on March 27, 2016 by

A drone records the moment a Syrian Army outpost is overran by jihadists in the Hama province of Syria. The combat looks eerily like a video game.

War is a far cry from a video game, but when it’s recorded on a drone a couple hundred feet above the action, the entire scene looks a cut from Command and Conquer. This is a technique that jihadists have been using to both beautify, and glorify combat to potential recruits. Footage like this makes war look like a video game, as opposed to the bloody, terrifying mess that it actually is.

The footage below comes out of the northern Hama province in Syria. It shows the moment a Syrian Arab Army position is overrun by a jihadist faction in the area. The position looks well fortified, but armor starts pushing the berm, and the base collapses immediately.

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