Drone Films The Reason The Syrian Civil War Will Never End

first published on June 15, 2016 by

The Syrian Civil War is a never ending fiasco that may continue for eternity. This drone footage shows the reason why it may never end.

Generally speaking, when it comes to war, two opposing factions duke it out over a region. These fights generally consist of one side defending, and one side attacking. The attacking sides job is to push through the enemies defense, and force them back out of their territory.

In the Syrian Civil War though, we see battle lines that shift constantly, with no one side ever gaining or losing any ground. This drone footage shows us exactly why that is.

Watch as the attackers conduct a mechanized aassault, and just as they are within striking distance to defeat their enemy, they stop. Once stopped they dismount, get on a berm, and exchange fire with the defenders, who are also just sitting on a berm firing back. Fixing they can handle, but flanking is not an option.

Welcome to the never ending Civil War of Syria.

Note: You may want to turn your volume down. Extreme levels of jihadi propaganda music are present.