Alleged Footage of First Ever Attempted Civilian Drone Assassination in Venezuela

first published on August 6, 2018 by

Two weaponized drones purportedly target Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a live speech in Caracas this past weekend. The incident is the first ever known use of a civilian drones in an attempted assassination of a head of state and injured seven during the attack.

The first ever known use of weaponized civilian drones to target a head of state occurred in Caracas this past Saturday. The apparent assassination attempt occurred during a live state-run broadcast of a speech given by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in front of hundreds of soldiers and supporters in the volatile nation’s capital. Two quad-copter style drones were allegedly outfitted with a kilogram of plastic explosives and flown into the president’s vicinity before detonating – wounding seven.

The video below covers several perspectives of the incident including the state-run Venezuelan media footage and an alleged clip of one of the drones exploding midair. The first explosion immediately stuns the elites on stage, halting the president’s speech and capturing a few moments before a quick camera change by Venezuelan propogandists. The second clip is from an elevated angle and highlights the size of the military parade and subsequent confusion during the attack. The final clip is alleged footage of one of the drones detonating midair during the attack – though this footage is still yet unconfirmed.

Maduro took office in 2013 and won a second term as president of Venezuela this past May, amidst massive claims of electoral fraud by the opposition and international condemnation. The country’s socialist government has been violently cracking down on political opposition over the past few years and is facing a daunting economic crisis in the oil-rich nation. The assassination attempt has led to a purported 6 arrests according to the Venezuelan government.


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