Saudi Coalition Troops Stage a Daring and Dramatic Rescue Under Heavy Fire

first published on April 17, 2018 by

Saudi coalition troops stage a daring and dramatic rescue mission under heavy fire, saving wounded and trapped comrades during a Houthi rebel attack in Yemen.

Houthi rebels attack a Saudi coalition patrol or possible a work party along a paved road, successfully trapping it several hundred meters away from a nearby fortification being constructed. Filmed from two separate Houthi positions, the rebels initially surprise the coalition troops and force several of them to make run for it through the coverless terrain.

Luckily for the sprinting troops the Houthi’s can’t seem to hit anything and they make it out of the kill-zone nearly unscathed. Nearly unscathed because with the rebels continuing to fire, two coalition troops can be seen helping an evidently wounded buddy to safety.

At this point in the video, it switches to another rebel perspective showing more coalition troops egressing away from the ambush. Pathetically missing one running and weaponless solider caught in the open, the Houthi’s alert the seemingly easy target and he then scrambles to cover behind a berm.

With at least one, and possible several soldiers now trapped behind the berm, the coalition troops stage a daring and dramatic rescue mission with two armored vehicles. Appearing to have a coordinated plan, the behemoth’s race forward – entering the kill-zone and immediately attempt to three-point turn the vehicles around. An RPG sails between the two fortunate trucks, exploding in-between and behind them.

With both vehicles now turned around and pulled alongside the berm, a door opens on the passenger side of the lead vehicle and the trapped soldiers begin to load up. The rear truck bravely attempts to back itself in, shielding the extraction with its steel armor. Unfortunately, the truck simply isn’t big enough and just as the coalition troops are loading a wounded comrade, they take a fiery direct hit.

The explosion rocks the rescue team and sends them scattering for cover back behind the berm. Panicked by the violent explosion, the lead vehicle now unceremoniously begins to drive off leaving several soldiers behind. Luckily for them, the rear vehicle quickly adapts and makes a final stop to recover the remaining troops. They hurriedly load-up under withering Houthi fire and make their escape. The video concludes with the rebels continuing to engage the coalition fortification under construction.


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