Double IEDs Kill Multiple Saudi Troops In Yemen Ambush

first published on April 3, 2018 by

A video out of Yemen shows double IEDs successfully target a Saudi military convoy which results in multiple casualties.

Houthi rebels wait in a concealed observation location for the soft skinned Saudi vehicles to enter the kill zone of their double IEDs. The spot is well-picked, as the 90 degree bend in the road forces the vehicles to slow down.

The lead vehicle is squarely hit by the first well-timed blast. After an undetermined amount of time, other Saudi forces move forward to begin evacuating the wounded troops. At least two casualties are pulled from the vehicle.

The footage then shows two dismounted personnel walk further up the road past the initial blast site. They are likely looking for more devices and clues as to how the attack was carried out.

The men have made a deadly mistake. A secondary device should always be expected, and considering the first blast was a roadside IED, rather than under the road, you can be certain that it was command detonated rather than rigged to a pressure plate. This means the trigger man may still be watching and waiting.

The men stand directly on the other side of the road as the device detonates. Deadly shrapnel impacts all around them and likely into them. One man drops like a rock, and the other painfully rolls down the bank.

Although the blasts themselves are not very large, the second explosion indicates that the Houthis have mastered the development and production of directional improvised explosive devices, with which a gigantic explosion isn’t necessary if the deadly shrapnel can be aimed.


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