Double Guided Missile Attack Destroys 2 Saudi Vehicles

first published on August 4, 2017 by

A Shia Houthi rebel video from the Yemen conflict shows two Saudi Arabian military vehicles being destroyed with double guided missiles.

double guided

The first attack happens as a technical truck, packed with Saudi troops, operates near a military outpost. The occupants of the vehicle are made aware of the incoming missile a split second before the impact. Their attempts to abandon the vehicle in time are futile. The wounded occupants attempt to crawl to safety.

The full extent of the casualties isn’t known, but shortly thereafter, an armored truck arrives to evacuate the wounded and recover sensitive gear. The crew of the truck shows caution and appears to understand the severity of the situation, unlike most other combat videos highlighting Saudi troops. They make two passes of the target location to gain hasty intelligence while laying suppressive fire before occupying the area.

Smartly, they decide to park behind cover and dismount troops to conduct the recovery operation. However, the ground troops soon wave the truck over so they can mount up and exfiltrate. Unfortunately for the KSA soldiers, the driver pulls too far from the cover, and a second guided missile nails the front of the truck, disabling it, and undoubtedly causing more casualties.