Double ATGM Strikes On Dismounted Syrian Infantry Troops

first published on June 1, 2017 by

A video released on May 31, 2018 by the 2nd Coastal Division in Latakia, Syria, shows dismounted regime troops taking multiple hits by an ATGM team.

The video shows the 2nd Coastal Division rebel fighters operating a Russian-made anti tank guided missile system as a group of three pro-Assad Regime troops approach carrying supplies.

The weapon operator fires the missile, and it isn’t until the split second before impact that the Syrian troops are alerted and attempt to take cover. The missile is too quick and it makes direct impact while the two lead targets are still trying to decide on their course of action.

Moments later, another team of pro Regime troops comes to evacuate the wounded and dead. The rebel missile team patiently waits until the targets possible target group is amassed and weighted down with a wounded comrade.

The missile is fired, and the wary targets are alerted sooner to the report, but there is still not enough time. The missile rips into the group and detonates. More bodies flip through the air as the Turkish-backed rebels begin chanting religious slogans to celebrate their success.

As the name states, anti tank guided missiles are intended for penetrating and destroying armored vehicles. They are also incredibly expensive, and most advanced conventional armies would reserve their use for priority, high value targets. However, in this conflict we have seen them regularly used, with mixed effectiveness, against dismounted personnel. I suppose when you’re receiving a seemingly endless supply of advanced weaponry that allows you to kill your opponent from a relatively safe distance while not having to answer to tax payers or budget committees… why not let them fly?


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