Double Airstrike Blasts Off In Crazy Directions

first published on August 11, 2016 by

The following video shows a precision double airstrike carried out by coalition forces near the city of Manbij, Syria on 26, July 2016. The blasts make quite a spectacle as they shoot off laterally away from the target building.

The YPG, SDF, and Western advisors have claimed victory in Manbij, saying it is totally cleared of Islamic State resistance, yet many booby traps remain. The anti Da’esh forces are rumored to be moving north toward Jarabulus, rather than the predicted city of al Bab. Jarabulus is said to be the last open corridor for ISIS to receive weapons, recruits, and resupply from Turkey. By pinching of that corridor, ISIS fighters will also not be able to flee to the safety of Turkey as the Kurdish-led forces continue to stomp them out in northern Syria.