Dog And Soldier Reunited After Being Injured Together

first published on March 28, 2016 by

Spc. Andrew Brown and his working dog Rocky have been reunited after they both suffered injuries in an IED attack in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

In December of 2015, Army Specialist Andrew Brown, and his working dog Rocky were injured by an IED attack, while searching a compound in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. A picture of Brown and Rocky were posted to social media while they were laid up in the hospital, and it quickly went viral.

Rocky Dog

Shortly after their stories went viral, the handler and his dog were moved to separate locations for follow on surgeries. Brown was transported to Walter Reed in Washington D.C. while Rocky was moved to Germany.

Brown Rocky Dog

Four months later and the two have finally been reunited, and their reaction to seeing each other for the first time since they were separated is absolutely heart warming.


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