DoD Releases Three New Airstrikes Against Taliban Forces

first published on April 25, 2018 by

Officials from the Department of Defense (DoD) have released new airstrike footage from Afghanistan showing the devastation of Taliban forces throughout the country. As operations in the region continue to ramp up, more and more footage will be released. Continue to check in with us often to ensure you are staying up to date on the latest strikes against terror organizations in Afghanistan as Operation Resolute Support and the Government forces of Afghanistan continue to dominate ISIS-K and Taliban forces.

Afghan Soldier 2

Three new strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan have been released by officials from the Department of Defense. All three videos show kinetic strikes against key pieces of Taliban infrastructure, including two separate narcotics facilities in Southern Afghanistan, and a stolen Afghan Security Forces armored vehicle in the Badakhshan Province. While the stolen vehicle is destroyed by a singular bomb dropped from a Predator drone, both Narcotics facilities are destroyed by the A-10 platform being controlled by troops on the ground in the area nearby. As these strikes continue to be released by the Department of Defense, we will continue to archive them here on Funker530.

Each strike against a Taliban narcotics facility denies the organization monetary funding that they require in order to run high level operations against Afghan Security Forces and Coalition troops. Without the monetary power granted by these narcotics facilities, the Taliban is unable to pay their fighters, or acquire the ammunition and weapons needed in order to carry out further attacks on Afghan Security Forces. This degradation in their logistical chain allows Afghan National Army troops, aided by United States Special Forces and Afghan Commandos, to conduct incursions deep into Taliban controlled territory and defeat them at the heart of their operations. This allows the Afghan government to regain control of provinces that were long lost to Taliban control.

narcotics facility

The third strike in the video is against a stolen Afghan National Security Forces armored vehicle. The HMMWV was reported stolen from an ANDSF position, and later spotted by a predator drone. Instead of risking lives or a gunfight over the stolen vehicle, the decision was made to instead destroy it using the same predator that spotted it. It is common for Taliban forces to steal ANDSF vehicles in order to build them into booby trapped improvised explosive devices, or armored suicide vehicles that can be used to get them very close to their intended target. The destruction of this stolen vehicle was a very large win for Operation Resolute Support in the Badakhshan Province because it prevented the potential loss of life that it could have caused.

Operation Resolute Support is a NATO led operation to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces and institutions. The mission was launched on 1 January 2015, immediately following the stand-down of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The mission of Resolute Support is to provide training, advice and assistance in eight key areas: multi-year budgeting; transparency, accountability and oversight; civilian oversight of the Afghan Security Institutions; force generation; force sustainment; strategy and policy planning, resourcing and execution; intelligence; and strategic communications. Those countries not contributing troops to the Resolute Support mission are supporting this mission in different ways, as well as the broad effort to strengthen the sustainment of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in the long term.