Documentary Film Makers Embed With Kurdish Fighters

first published on January 23, 2016 by

Chinese documentary film makers embed with the Kurdish fighters on the front-lines against Daesh in Iraq, and Syria.

This documentary film crew out of China had originally intended to use a drone capture images of famous cities in Syria. In a twist of fate, they ended up embedded with the Kurds, because they couldn’t get near the cities currently controlled by ISIS.

The results are a documentary film about the Kurds, and their daily struggles. It begins with a member of the team spending some time with the Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ), and continues all the way to the front lines. Terrible equipment, logistics, and a serious lack of manpower are evident throughout the entire making of this documentary. Near the end, the documentary crew’s lead ends up getting exclusive interviews with Daesh prisoners held by the Kurds, just hours before they were supposed to be executed.

This is worth the watch. Put it on your view later list if you don’t have the time right now. You won’t regret it.

Note: Time stamps below the video for important highlights.

0:47: Interviews with female fighters of the YPJ
7:21: Interview with the Kurdish Commander for the 7th War Zone
8:57: Visiting the Kurdish front lines against Daesh
11:33: Kurds trying to destroy a Daesh truck on an overpass with poor equipment
13:33: Aftermath of an alleged Daesh chemical weapon attack
16:07: Documentary crew utilizes their quad-copter drone to locate major Daesh weapon systems for the Kurds
20:17: Interviews with Daesh prisoners before their execution


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