Hilltop Fighting Position Takes Direct RPG Hit, Casualties Visible

first published on September 9, 2019 by

A recent video out of northern Iraq, recorded and uploaded by Kurdish HPG militants of the PKK, shows a volley of RPGs hitting a Turkish military outpost and causing multiple visible casualties.


The HPG reports that the attack against the Turkish troops took place on 5 August 2019 in the “Xakurke” area of southern Kurdistan and resulted in the deaths of nine Turkish soldiers, while no HPG personnel were killed or wounded.

In the footage, two extremely accurate RPG warheads fly into the Turkish outpost. The first one appears to ineffectively land just short of its intended target. Seconds later, another RPG whizzes in and detonates amongst a group of at least four soldiers.

The casualties are readily apparent. One man can be seen dragging himself to cover, while the rest either drop instantly lifeless or writhe in agony. The footage ends without showing anything further of the engagement. However, based on previously observed HPG tactics, they likely broke contact and exfiltrated the area before strike aircraft and Turkish artillery could respond.


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