Did Russia Just Create The Software For Skynet?

first published on October 20, 2015 by

Russian Company creates Artificial Intelligence capable of making its own decisions in combat.

The United Instrument Manufacturing (OPK), part of Rostec arms corporation, has officially developed a software package named Unicum which is Latin for “The Only One.” The software is an AI program that, as of right now, can control up to 10 separate robots, giving them each individual commands. The video below showcases Unicum in action.

This highly advanced piece of software can make decisions to eliminate any target it sees as a threat, identify dominate terrain, request replacement robots for its downed machinery, as well as be programmed to require authorization to eliminate targets. It can also be installed on any robotic piece of hardware to include: ground robots, UAV platforms, and platforms at sea. They believe this software will enable humans to withdraw from any robotic actions entirely.

This software is the first of its kind to fully pass all government tests. It has already been passed onto its client, and is currently being readied for installment on robotic systems.

Robotic Hardware

“With Unicum, the robots will be capable of executing tasks independently, to see and evaluate the situation, plotting new courses as well as communicating with other machines. In fact, this is yet another step toward the creation of fully-fledged artificial intelligence, enabling mechanisms with nearly human capabilities,” OPK Deputy Director Sergey Skokov said.


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