This is Why You Don’t Play with IED’s: Militant in Syria Detonates Explosive While Trying to Disarm It

first published on February 23, 2017 by

An explosive video purportedly from Afrin showing an alleged Free Syria Army (FSA) commander attempting to disarm a small IED and accidentally detonating it instead. Ends up not being a mistake he’ll live long enough to repeat.

Anything involving explosives requires a steady hand and some serious knowledge. It’s not a forgiving discipline and more often than not, a little knowledge does more harm than good. Case and point, the below video shows a militant confidently working on a small IED. Appearing to be about two pounds of explosives, he huddles over the device with a small knife in his hand. Likely trying to remove the blasting caps, the IED explodes in his face and sends the camera hurling to the ground.

The original posting of the video claims that the impromptu EOD tech is a colonel with the FSA fighting near Deir Souran – in the contested Afrin province. However, this assertion is unconfirmed and given the large amount of propaganda surrounding Afrin currently, it should be taken with a grain of sand. The Turks, Kurds, and the most recent addition to the north Syrian quagmire the SAA, all have robust propaganda machines churning out unreliable material.

Regardless of the videos unreliable origins, there is still a lesson that it can teach us. Don’t play with bombs if you don’t really know what you’re doing. It usually ends abruptly, and with a loud boom.


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