ISIS SVBIED Prematurely Detonates Because of Bumpy Road

first published on September 7, 2017 by

The explosives inside of an ISIS SVBIED prematurely detonate while the vehicle is pursuing an Iraqi Humvee over extremely bumpy terrain.


When an Iraqi humvee tries to put distance between itself and an ISIS SVBIED, it chooses an extremely rough patch of Earth to escape on. The abilities of the humvee to travel over rough terrain give it an explosive lead as it escapes the suicide vehicle. The path, riddled with ditches, and berms, is easily traversed by the humvee, but when the SVBIED tries to follow, it unintentionally causes the explosives to detonate prematurely.

This video was released in one of the latest propaganda pieces put out by the Islamic State and was held up as a victory by the group. Clearly we can see that the vehicle that was being pursued escaped, and the second humvee was also, at most, only barely affected by the proximity of the explosion. We love it when ISIS holds up their failures as success.

Note: Audio has been removed from this video to stop the spread of extremist messages.