Mobile Fire Pump Innovation Saves Department of Defense Millions

first published on February 26, 2019 by

TSGT Jayton Washington’s recent mobile fire pump innovation is predicted to save the Department of Defense 11 million dollars over the next five years.


TSGT Jayton Washington, an instructor at the Louis F. Garland Fire Academy at Goodfellow AFB in Texas, recently submitted his submission to the Airmen Powered by Innovation contest. The design of the product is simple, a mobile fire pump designed to replace the need for many fire engines during training operations, and reduce the cost of maintenance around bases in the United States which could ultimately save the Department of Defense millions of dollars.

The mobile fire pump station currently meets all national consensus standards required for fire safety equipment. It works in the same fashion as a regular fire engines, allowing the firefighters to train in a realistic environment. Washington estimates that the mobile fire pump station will save the Department of Defense 11.8 million dollars within the first five years of its use, with 2.4 million of that being within the first years the product is seeing use during training operations.

Innovations like this prove that when presented with a problem, there is nothing that service members cannot accomplish in order to overcome their obstacles. The video below is an interview with TSGT Jayton Washington at the Louis F. Garland Fire Academy. It was produced by 3d Audiovisual Squadron’s James Jones and Tech. Sgt. Michael Schocker and comes to us courtesy of the United States Air Force.


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