Marines Conduct Ambush Training in Dense Jungle Terrain

first published on February 18, 2019 by

Marines with the Advanced Infantry Marine Course from Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii conduct ambush training in dense jungle terrain at Marine Corps Training Area Bellows

Jungle Ambush

The ambush is one of the classic art forms and operational skill sets of the infantry in every branch of service for the United States. Aiming to trap your enemy in an absolutely devastating and unwinnable fight from which they cannot recover, the ambush will often result in the total annihilation of an enemy unit or patrol before they can return fire or let their higher command know what is happening to them. It is for this reason that Marines and Soldiers in the United States train this particular set of skills to a razor’s edge of sharpness before they are ever tasked with performing the job out in actual combat.

Ambush operations have varying degrees of difficulty, and specific challenges that are present for the unit conducting the ambush based on the location and terrain of where they are performing the ambush. The video you are about to watch, which comes to us courtesy of the United States Marine Corps and Cpl. Brendan Custer, shows Marines from Hawaii at the Advanced Infantry Marine Course training to master the art of the ambush in a dense jungle environment. Many of the difficult challenges they will encounter in this environment will assist them in overcoming some of the similar challenges present in other types of terrain.

While not every action the Marines take is perfect in this video, it is important to remember that they are in a training environment. The young Marines in this video aren’t coming from years of operational experience at this point in their career. Instead, remember that these younger Lance Corporals and Corporals were hand selected by their units to attend this course so they could obtain the knowledge and become more lethal force multipliers at their own unit. Many of these Marines will return to their unit to take up Fire Team Leader positions, the smallest level of unit leadership present in the Marine Corps rifle squad. At this level, the training and skills obtained in the AIMC will give them the tools they need to train their own Marines.


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