South Korean SEALs Demonstrate Knife Techniques

first published on February 4, 2019 by

Members of the South Korean SEAL teams demonstrate their capabilities with bladed weapons in an epic mashup from the Military Channel on YouTube.


Military super powers around the world routinely train their Soldiers in hand to hand combat techniques. These techniques range from using bladed weapons like the bayonet and combat knife, to improvised weapons like belts and entrenching tools. The aim of this study in warfare has one clear concise objective, and that is to make your Soldiers more lethal than your enemy’s Soldiers in close combat.

When it comes to Special Operations teams, there is no exception to the rule. In fact, it is the contrary to an exception. These specially trained units are required to be even more lethal in close combat due to the specific mission-sets that they carry with them out into field. With direct-action missions being at the center of their skill-sets, these groups are often tasked to close with their enemy and defeat him in the closest of quarters in hallways and on ships.

The video below is a mashup made by the Military Channel on YouTube and showcases the South Korean SEAL and Special Operations Teams conducting their hand to hand training in various environments.


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