Delta Force Raid On ISIS Prison: Helmet Cam Footage

first published on October 25, 2015 by

New footage out of northern Iraq shows the alleged raid on an ISIS prison compound near Hawija.

Helmet cam footage from the raid shows the joint special forces team escorting prisoners out of the ISIS prison camp. You can read more on this story here.


One thing that can most certainly be said about this team is that they look smooth and are in definite control of every action they make. They take the term always be cool to a whole different level.

The first thing we see as the video opens is an operator holding security down a hallway. He utilizes Wall-Body-Weapon like a true professional, until he is bumped across to continue forward. At nine seconds in, an operator’s NOD gets caught on a low-hanging wire, without hesitation he drops his muzzle and turns about to usher the rescued prisoners past him, while simultaneously untangling himself. The only thing that could have made this entire operation any cleaner, would be tearing down the flag at 1:15.

Props to a well executed raid by a truly professional group of individuals. To Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler of Roland, Oklahoma who served 14 tours in Iraq: You will be missed, brother. Until Valhall.

Joshua Wheeler


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