360 Degree Video Of Suicide Bomber Failing An Attack

first published on June 10, 2017 by

Ever wanted to watch a full 360 degree video of a suicide bomber sucking at life? Well, here you go, a 360 degree video of just that.

A suicide bomber barrels towards an Iraqi position. As it comes directly at them, an RPG gunner steps out and takes his shot. The RPG connects with the vehicle, penetrating the homemade armor, and causing all of the explosive materials inside to sympathetically detonate. The entire video was recorded in 360 degrees, and you can see everything going on as if you were standing right there with them.

In order to interact with the video from your mobile device, you swipe your finger wherever you want to look. Also, you can turn your phone or head if you have a Virtual Reality device. In order to interact with the video on desktop, click anywhere on the screen and drag with your mouse. The explosion happens at :52 seconds in, and can be seen if you keep the camera facing towards the man holding the handheld camera.


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