Debunking ISIS Propaganda On Flight 7K9268

first published on November 3, 2015 by

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the crash of Russian Airliner Flight 7K9268

It doesn’t take an expert in video editing to debunk this footage using simple common sense. Before we present the video lets take a look at some of the facts as they have been presented to us by the main stream media. After that we’ll scratch the surface on common anti-air knowledge which will once again prove the impossibility of this feat ISIS is claiming. It’s well known that ISIS loves to play the propaganda game, let’s just flip the script once again and turn this idiocy against them.

Flight 9

Here’s some key information we need from the flight to debunk any possible anti-air attack:

The flight was at an altitude of about 31,000 feet. (9.45 KM)
The flight was moving at roughly 458 MPH.


With this information we begin to narrow down what type of anti-air capability would be needed to take down a flight moving at this speed and altitude. Using just basic information available from Wikipedia, we can immediately rule out any type of anti-aircraft gun doing the damage.

That leaves us with SAM’s as the next possible option. 9.5 KM is a long way to shoot a missile, that automatically allows us to rule out anything man portable (the only thing ISIS may have). Which leaves us with the heavy SAM stuff. I’m talking the Dvina and the Ajax type of heavy stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s obvious once you watch the video that there is no way a SAM of that caliber was used. I’ll let you judge for yourself though.

Now let’s put that video next to a heavier brand SAM missile, and you tell me what’s missing.

Maybe that giant smoke trail or flame from the engine that follows behind the SAM allowing it to adjust it’s flight path to the target? Hmm… Looks like we forgot to CG that part into the video, whoops.

Another key point to mention is the fact that it’s a vertical video, meaning it was filmed from a phone. Do you really think it is possible that some ISIS cameraman who didn’t even know how to film in landscape mode was able to accurately, and rather clearly, capture the impact of the missile nearly 6 miles away just using his iPhone? Take your phone outside and try to film any object 6 miles away and let us know how that works out for you.

This is why I believe the video to be a sham. I can’t say exactly what happened to the plane, I’m not an expert. That said however, I can say with confidence that ISIS did not launch a SAM at a civilian flight over Egypt. Even if they did have the capabilities to fire one of these SAMs, and coincidentally have it in the exact location needed to stage the attack, the footage doesn’t add up.

Now that we’ve got it out there, I’d be interested in reading what you guys get out of the actual video footage.


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