ISIS RPG Gunner Records His Death On GoPro During YPG Offensive

first published on September 10, 2016 by

ISIS continues to send their young, inexperienced fighters to hold the front-lines against the YPG. They aren’t experienced enough to survive the offensive.

In order to hold their front-lines in northern Raqqa province, ISIS has been conducting what appears to be a delaying action. They are sending their younger, inexperienced fighters to cut their teeth against the advancing YPG offensive. These fighters are proving to be inadequate, and they are being slaughtered during the YPG operations.

In the footage below, you are about to see a group of Daesh fighters trying to defend a position. All of the combat is recorded on the GoPro of one of the Daesh fighters. After he is killed, and the position is cleared, the camera is recovered by a member of the YPG.

Keep throwing bodies at your problem ISIS. Let’s see where that gets you when the YPG comes to town.