Dean Of Air Force Spec Ops School Fired For Treating His Cancer With CBD

first published on October 14, 2018 by

The dean of the Air Force Special Operations School was fired last month for using CBD, a non-psychoactive marijuana extract, to treat his prostate cancer.


Retired Air Force Captain Henry Cobbs, 77, a Vietnam War veteran with 22 years of exemplary service, was canned from the head position which he held since 2009, citing the use of cannabidiol (CBD), which was a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance at the time. Just days later, the DEA rescheduled certain CBD products to Schedule V.

Again, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it does not induce any sort of mental or physical intoxication, because it has been isolated from the THC compound which is found in unrefined cannabis. CBD has been found to be a revolutionary treatment for seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. It has been used successfully to treat the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of chemo therapy. Veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI related symptoms have found a use for cannabis and CBD as well. Combat veterans across the nation have found an incredible alternative to the VA zombie dope, but are stigmatized as druggies and barred from Constitutional Rights for using it.

“My life has been sort of a storybook, to tell you the truth,” Cobbs told the Herald Tribune. “I’ve been blessed. But to end it on a note like this is reprehensible. What I’m trying to do is protect my legacy.”

Indeed, this is a terrible injustice against one of America’s best. Marijuana as a whole has been the target of demonization by various entities for financial gain. Powerful lobbyists for the paper and pharmaceutical industries see cannabis as a threat because it can easily be grown by anyone, which will cost them greatly.

CBD has only now been reschedule to Class V because pharmaceutical corporation GW Pharma has patented the substance under the name Epidiolex, and now law makers and lobbyists can begin lining their pockets.


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