Lights Out: Deadly Sniper on Sniper Headshot

first published on December 26, 2017 by

A recent rebel video shows a brutal but apparently clean headshot that drops a purported Assad regime sniper in Syria. The rebel counter sniper even lets out a grim snicker during his aloha snackbar and his target slumps from view.

The video shows the moments an alleged regime sniper takes up a forward position on a static front and behind a low wall. The “sniper” – though marksman would probably be a better moniker – unwisely exposes himself and his scoped rifle while taking aim and presumable beginning to scan for targets.

His exposure lasts just seconds, the rebel sniper and his camera already sighted in on the would-be “hide”. A shot rings out and the camera is briefly jarred by the concussion of the rifle.

A tracer round streaks through the air and appears to strike the rear of the regime snipers skull. He instantly drops and vanishes from view with the typical, almost ragdoll cessation of brain activity.

His target likely dead, the rebel sniper does his annoyingly and seemingly mandatory aloha snackbar. Audible pleased with the stupidity of his adversary and his easy elimination.