Dashcam Footage From An Iraqi Bulldozer Blocking An SVBIED In Mosul

first published on May 17, 2017 by

An Iraqi Bulldozer operator puts himself directly in the path of an oncoming Daesh VBIED in Mosul. Here’s the dashcam footage.

First off, we use the term “Dashcam” loosely. It’s more like the bulldozer operator had the presence of mind to put his cell phone up on the dashboard of the heavy equipment so he could record what he was about to do. Props to him for doing that though, because it got us this amazing footage, and really shows us how brave the Iraqis are becoming in the fight against ISIS.

Think about the mindset this guy had before he took off down the road. He knew exactly what he was getting in to, and still had the stones to drive directly into the path of an oncoming VBIED. It’s good to know that the Iraqi people are finally, truly, committing themselves to this fight against ISIS. Absolutely outstanding work.

Who knows how many people this guy saved by stopping the VBIED with his heavy equipment.


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