Dank Meme War Erupts Between Popular Marine Cartoonists

first published on March 21, 2016 by

Two popular Marine cartoonists have just engaged each other in an epic battle. This is the meme war to end all meme wars.

Terminal Lance and Untied Status Marin Crops have officially engaged each other in a meme showdown. The event was initially started when Marin Crops posted this image to the Terminal Lance Facebook wall, causing the creator of Terminal Lance to go on the defensive.

Meme War Marine

After some back and forth banter between Marin Crops and Terminal Lance, and a lot of coaxing from fans of both pages, the battle began. The initial theme was following The Avengers Civil War, and is currently still on that route.

Meme War

We reached out to both cartoonists, to find out how they felt about the situation. When asked how he felt about Terminal Lance’s decision to engage him in this ‘Dank Meme War’ Doc Dolan from Untied Status Marin Crops said this.

am hapy dat tropical lunch finuly desydud 2 handel dis liek reel mens.., wit an meem wor. teh fanz hav ben injoyng seaing ther 2 favrit payges dook it owt an i beleev at teh end uv teh dey no1’s fealngs gt hert

Roughly translated, he’s happy Terminal Lance decided to play along, and the fans have been extremely happy seeing their favorite two pages duke it out in a meme war.

Meme War1

The creator of Terminal Lance, Maximilian Uriarte, had a knee jerk response, and freely admitted so in his statement.

I’ll admit that my initial reaction wasn’t very admirable, but it’s not the first time anonymous pages have tried to call me out and I don’t have a lot of patience for it. Ultimately though, both our pages are fighting for the same goal, to entertain Marines and make them laugh, so I figured dank memes would be a lot more fun for everyone than a bunch of butt hurt.

We’re glad both parties came to an understanding and decided to use their artistic talents for good.


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