Syrian Rebels Release Dank Electronic Dance Music Training Montage

first published on September 30, 2016 by

Members of the Free Syrian Army release a new dank electronic dance music training montage to boost recruiting. I’m pretty sure this is Haram to Nth degree.

When you are losing all of your recruits to stupid suicide missions, there is only one way to get more. You have to appeal to the younger generation, and convince them that not only is your movement a worthy cause, but it is also hip and trendy. What better way to do that then by releasing a dank electronic dance music nasheed montage of your soldiers jumping through fire hoops?

Note:This video was not released by the FSA. In fact, the very first time I came across it, it was on Twitter. I’m not sure who originally posted the video, but I saw another version of it listed on YouTube today, so I thought I would share the dankness with all of you.


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