Danish Peacekeeper Films Brutal Croatian Attack On Serbs

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Video sent to us from “Ollie,” the Danish-UN Peacekeeper that filmed this Croatian operation against Serbian-held territory. From his description and analysis:

September 18, 1995, The Croatian Army carried out an attack into Serbian parts of Bosnia. The offensive was carried out over a stretch of frontline going from Dubica-Kostajnica-Dvor and was supported by Bosnian Army Fifth Corps from the Bihac Pocket.
This video only covers what was observed from the Danish UN-camp in Dvor na Uni and does not provide a full picture of what happened during the two days of fighting between Croat armed forces and Serb armed forces – It only provides a fragment of the heavy fighting that occured.

There are English subtitles where appropriate.

1. Fase

HV crossing the river around 11 am, although the movement down to the river
may likely have started earlier, perhaps the initial 8 am order you talked
about. Sporadic small-arms fire was heard from
about 0730 am, this could be from the initial movement to and preparation of
the river-crossing.
After the crossing over Una, the first VRS positions were cleared by HV
units, close combat with grenades, etc.
From our positions we could see HV soldiers storming positions where a few
minutes before, we had seen VRS soldiers move around, I reckon a load of VRS
died there.


HV moved across the first field, as seen in the video, they encountered initial sporadic fire and cosolidated their initial gains.

3. Fase

Later in the afternoon of Sep. 18th HV continued through a corn field
(bosnian side of Una), where they suffered many cassulties from machinegun
fire from surrounding VRS positions (machinegun fire from the area just above the red cross on the picture). How many HV soldiers were lost is
It was very very surreal to have that kind of stuff heppening right in front
of you. Some of our guys with thermal devices could see bodies in the corn
field slowly fade out, right untill there was no more to see.ยป

4. Fase

Late afternoon on Sep. 19th HV forces retreated back accross the Una and
during the retreat heavy fire was laid upon VRS positions in the village and
surrounding area, the weapons systems used are believed to be 20mm
anti-aircraft guns, mortars, machinegun and possibly large caliber sniper


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