Dangerous Momentum: Al Qaeda in Syria Overruns Desert OP

first published on October 30, 2017 by

Al Qaeda in Syria, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) maintains its dangerous momentum. Overrunning another desert outpost with doctrinal efficiency and a concerningly growing propaganda wing.

Unfortunately, HTS’s battlefield momentum continues inside Syria’s Idlib rebel pocket. Showcased in another combined drone and GoPro propaganda video, HTS overruns a numerically superior outpost with an almost doctrinal efficiency.

This now alarmingly frequent occurrence, HTS conducts a direct assault on a defended outpost with a BMP and just a handful of fighters. The armored vehicle provides enough shock to brush off initial resistance and establish an HTS foothold. Once on the ground, the HTS militants throw down enough suppressive fire to dominate the position and they quickly advance through the Op. Many of the defenders are killed, the rest make a break for it and the video concludes with HTS consolidating and exploiting the captured outpost.

HTS’s propaganda wing has been steadily improving production quality in recent months. With the decline of the Islamic State and its 21st century propaganda machine (Often referred to as Al Qaeda 2.0), HTS continues to pump out these high-quality low-cost recruitment tools. They’ve upped the production quality with HD multi-angled footage that bounces seamlessly between aerial views and intense combat footage from fighters on the ground. With their continued battlefield success and an increasingly savvy propaganda wing, HTS will continue to attract new recruits for the foreseeable future.


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