Danger Close: Russian Calls Airstrike On Himself To Kill ISIS

first published on March 25, 2016 by

A Russian special forces operative near the village of Palmyra, Syria was killed in action when he called for a danger close airstrike on his own position.

A member of the Russian special forces who was controlling air assets near Palmyra, Syria was compromised by IS fighters. Sources say he had been on the ground in the area for at least a week, coordinating Russian air attacks, and selecting Daesh targets of the highest value.


After some time on the ground, enemy fighters in the area spotted his position and began attacking. Instead of being captured alive, the operative made the decision to drop bombs on himself. This was probably the smartest decision he could have made, because we all know what happens to prisoners of Daesh.

A Russian military official spoke briefly on the event from Russia’s airbase Khmeimim and told this to Interfax news agency on Thursday,

“A Russian special operations forces [SOF] officer was killed near a town of Palmyra while guiding Russian warplanes to IS [previously ISIS/ISIL] targets. The officer died as a hero, calling a strike onto himself after he was compromised and surrounded by terrorists.”

Until recently, only four members of the Russian military have been killed in action while operating in Syria. The officer has not been identified yet.

Special Forces

This event happens as reports from the area state that the Russian backed Syrian Arab Army is making large advances on the Daesh controlled town of Palmyra. Utilizing Russian air power, weapons, and training, the SAA has been making significant moves against Daesh, and the FSA, during the past few months of the on-going civil war.


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