Danger Close Engagement With Insurgents Dressed as Afghan Army

first published on April 17, 2018 by

Taliban fighters dressed as Afghan National Army Soldiers attack FOB Fenty in 2010, and get within hand grenade range of Coalition Forces. This is the entire engagement as it was recorded by Jokers 32, and 41, the air support platforms that were on station to aid Coalition Forces during the attack. Footage includes Taliban fighters getting within hand grenade range of FOB Fenty, and a danger close strike from Joker 32 that eliminates the Taliban fighters completely.

Danger Close

In 2010, FOB Fenty’s OP 13 was attacked by Taliban fighters who had disguised themselves as members of the Afghan National Army. These clever disguises worked as intended, and confused Coalition Forces who thought that members of the Afghan National Army were approaching their position. According to a source who was present, initially Coalition Forces were told to cease firing because everyone thought that these Taliban fighters were “friendly” troops. This enabled the Taliban to get even closer to positions at OP 13, where they were then able to engage coalition forces at near point blank range with automatic weapons and hand grenades, wounding one Soldier.

Members of the 10th Mountain, and Hawaii National Guard were manning positions on the wire when this video began recording. The entire engagement is recorded from the gun camera of Jokers 32 and 41, a nearby rotary wing asset that responded to the call of Troops in Contact. As they arrive, Joker 32 immediately spots the Taliban fighters taking cover in a canal, and he begins to talk the troops manning the wire onto their location. Simultaneously, he starts communicating with higher echelons of command in order to obtain clearance for a danger close fire mission that will allow him to eliminate the fighters and end the firefight outright.

Danger Close 2

Once Joker 32 obtains clearance for his danger close fire mission, he radios into OP 13 to inform them of his intent. He gives them ample warning to take cover, and then gives them one final courtesy call before he goes in for the kill. Within seconds of opening fire, Joker 32 pulls out and circles back around for a second run. Each time before he tips in and opens fire, a quick call is made to OP 13 to let the Coalition Troops know that another danger close strike is incoming towards their position. After three runs, one of the insurgents is killed, and Coalition Forces go out to make a complete battle damage assessment of the carnage caused by Joker 32.

While conducting their battle damage assessment, the surviving Taliban fighter tries to make a break for it. Joker 41, the second rotor wing asset in the section that was supporting FOB Fenty begins tracking the insurgent in his escape. The escape is short-lived however, because the Taliban fighter was still carrying his weapon, which made him a legitimate military threat to nearby coalition forces. This alone gave Joker 41 clearance to engage him, and after a short sprint across open terrain the Taliban fighter managed to only successfully die tired. If you have any more information about this video, please feel free to leave a comment about it on Facebook.