Daisy Chain of IEDs Scores Multi Kill on Military Convoy

first published on January 16, 2017 by

A “Daisy Chain” refers to a booby trap consisting of multiple explosive devices wired to a single detonator. The bombs are usually strung out over a distance along a travel corridor with the intent to inflict several casualties as well as damage multiple vehicles. In the early phases of the insurgency in OIF, daisy chain booby traps were common, but their effectiveness was limited due to resilient vehicle armor. Eventually, the insurgents learned that using multiple explosives in a single spot was more likely to get a catastrophic kill on an armored vehicle.

daisy chain

The following video shows a large convoy of Saudi troops and vehicles staged up outside of a forward operating base. Unknown to the troops, Houthi rebels were able to bury several devices along the staging area, which suggests that the Saudi troops often did this exact staging operation in the same area. Their predictability became their undoing.

The Houthi triggerman detonates the initial daisy chain that results in three massive, simultaneous explosions. Moments later, amid the confusion, a second device is detonated, which sends troops flying through the air as well as igniting a fuel tank.


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