Dabiq Falls Without Notice – A-10s Slamming Daesh In Their Holy City

first published on October 17, 2016 by

In a blitzkrieg attack by Syrian Rebels, the holy city of Dabiq was taken from ISIS overnight. So much for that caliphate that was promised by Allah.

According to ISIS propaganda Dabiq, a small town in Syria, is supposed to be the location of the final battle. All Muslims, and all Christians will apparently end up here punching it out just in time for Mohammed to return and smite the infidels. ISIS is supposed to be the vessel for that final battle. They are supposed to be the servants who deliver Mohammed onto the planet. Things changed.

Unfortunately for Daesh, this prophecy was written before the A-10 existed. In a blitzkrieg attack by Syrian rebels, backed by American air support, Dabiq has fallen. While it has fallen from the hands of one group of extremists, directly into another, at least we can say it no longer belongs to ISIS which is probably crushing morale throughout their forces across every nation that they are currently in.

Tell me I’m not the only one that thinks hearing these guys cheer on the A-10 just feels dirty. I love the BRRRT, but can’t stand the victory cries these guys are making… Meh, either way, Dabiq falls and nobody in the world notices, except for ISIS, but those guys suck anyways.


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