Terrorist Fails Trying To Cross An Alleyway In Syria

first published on October 4, 2016 by

While trying to cross an alleyway, a rebel terrorist fighter from Jund al-Aqsa gets shot through the gut. Suppression is important.

A group of extremist rebels find themselves fighting inside of a tight alleyway. With no direction for the rounds to travel except directly towards them, they try to pick up their rates of fire in order to maneuver.

The first group of fighters manages to get across without much drama. They move slowly through the alleyway, carrying a casualty, and continue on to what appears to be some sort of collection point. The next fighter doesn’t end up as lucky.

He crosses with almost zero suppression going down range, and just before he can get to safety, he catches a round. If you need to cross an alley like this, ensure that your buddies are firing at the opposition before you make a dash for it through open ground.


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