Criminal Gets Stalled by Former U.S. Marine During High-Speed Pursuit

first published on January 12, 2019 by

A car-jacker finds himself on the run from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office when he tries to steal a former Marine’s pickup truck.


When a criminal drug addict finds himself on the run from the full might of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, he inevitably gets the spike strips and has to transfer vehicles. Fortunately for law enforcement David Final, a former United States Marine, is the intended target for the suspect’s next car-jacking.

After several 911 calls were made reporting 34-year-old Anthony Gunther for attempting to break into vehicles, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office dispatched their Helicopter. The helicopter comes in fast and gets eyes on a stolen white Jaguar and begins the chase. Air One, the call sign of the VCSO helicopter, stays directly over top of the stolen vehicle and continuously feeds information to deputies on the ground who are able to maneuver out in front of the suspect vehicle several times. This maneuver allows them to employ stop strips, causing the vehicle to come to a complete stop in an intersection.

At the intersection, former Marine David Final is surveying a house boat that he is considering purchasing. His black Ford F-150 is sitting off to the side of the road with the keys still in it when the drugged up suspect makes an attempt to steal the vehicle. “He stopped, and I saw him starting to bail out. I knew right away he was going for my truck. You picked the wrong person to mess with.” said Final in an interview with a local news station.

Here is the full video put together by our friends over at Badge Cams. It explains the situation fully, and synchronizes all of the footage together in order to show a 3-Dimensional image of the situation as it occurred.


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