RPG Gunner Scores Direct Hit On Tank With Crew Members Exposed

first published on July 31, 2017 by

A Syrian Arab Army tank takes a direct hit from an RPG while members of the crew are exposed on the top of the tracked vehicle.

A group of Syrian soldiers using a tank to advance on IS positions near Palmyra, Syria take a direct hit from an RPG. The round impacts the side of the tank as members of the crew are exposed on the top of the turret. One of the crew members immediately bails off of the top of the turret and starts to run in a random direction as his buddies are calling for him. It is unclear the extent of the crew members injuries.

This video is a great reminder to all tank operators that you should stay buttoned up inside of your armor as much as possible for the duration of any close range combat. Exposing yourself not only puts you at risk, but it also threatens the longevity of your tank on the battlefield.


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