Another Crazy Video of a Houthi Attack on Coalition Forces in Yemen

first published on May 25, 2018 by

Houthi rebels have released another crazy video of an attack on purported Saudi-coalition forces in Yemen. Though blowing several opportunities at exposed targets, the rebels drive the Saudi troops from the contested area in chaotic disarray. If the rebels were better shots, this would have been far bloodier.

A somewhat confusing video of an action between Houthi rebels and alleged Saudi-coalition troops was recently released. The video commences focused on a squad sized element of Saudi troops sitting along a dirt road and adjacent to a steep hill. Several ice coolers are visible, and the soldiers sit lazily – appearing to be catch a break while gunfire echoes in the hills around them.

The rebels carefully observe this exposed and enticing target. They finally engage, narrowly missing one soldiers head and coming so close to another that rounds proximity visibly startles him. He begins to run for cover, but his fellow troops pay the incident almost no attention and continue to rest.

The video then strangely cuts to a Saudi truck on a road nearby just before it careens into a ditch. Then re-cuts back to the relaxing troops position – only now blood trails and at least two dead Saudi’s litter the scene.

It then follows as a number of Saudi troops – presumably the remnants of the road side position – beginning to egress from the area on foot. Continually harassed by the Houthi gunfire, they remain fortunate that the rebels are piss-poor marksmen and do little more than zing tracers past them. Though it’s not entirely clear in the video, it appears that the Saudi troops regroup behind some trees and an embankment below the Houthi positions.

Then begins a bizarre series of Saudi armored vehicles rushing into the exposed expanse of road; likely between the previously ditched vehicle and the regrouped infantry. Nobly appearing to attempt a rescue of their comrades from the separated elements, the vehicles panic in the kill-zone and fail to effectively utilize their crew-served weapons. The twice repeated effort end in failure and the video concludes with the Houthi’s capturing the coalition troops bodies.

Graphic Content Warning: This video contains graphic content that may be unsuitable for some viewers.


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