Drone Footage from Syria Captures Coordinated Rebel Armor Assault

first published on April 4, 2018 by

Drone footage purportedly captures a coordinated armored assault by Jaish al-Fatah rebels against regime held territory in Aleppo province. After a wave of suicide bombs, the militants claim to have recently driven Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) troops from a small town after several hours of fighting.

Drone footage from Syria details extremist rebels Jaish al-Fatah, allegedly capturing territory in western Aleppo province near the town of Khan Tuman from regime control. The militants conduct a large assault complete with tanks and BMP’s and initiate the attack with several ubiquitous SVBIED’s. After the massive explosions from the multiple car bombs rock the defensive positions and stuns the defenders around town, the rebels rapidly advance through the countryside with a large canal on their flank.

Blasting their main guns as they press forward, they quickly close the distance and appear to drive the defenders back easily. They easily push through the largely destroyed houses in the area and drive towards a small fortification protecting an improvised bridgehead over the canal. Several armored vehicles charge directly at the crude ramparts, which amount to an incoherent series of stone covered berms. Face to face with a tank, the defending troops quickly retreat – fleeing along the canal under continued fire.

Jaish al-Fatah’s claim that the defending troops were IRGC, is plausible but unconfirmed. The Iranian’s have a significant number of troops stationed in Syria and have supplied various militias for some time. Regardless of the factions involved, things will likely continue to heat up in western Aleppo as rebel pockets in the south are conquered by the regime loyal forces.

Audio Warning: Recommend turning sound down/off due to jihadist nasheed.


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