Soldiers React to Contact and Save Afghan Child’s Life

first published on September 27, 2018 by

Soldiers on a convoy end up in contact with the Taliban. In the ensuing gun battle, an Afghan child is wounded by Taliban fire.

contact 2439-08

This 21 minute helmet mounted camera video shows the moment a convoy of American Soldiers finds themselves in contact with the Taliban. Taken from the turret of a vehicle in the convoy, and posted to the public domain, it documents the firefight as it happened directly from the perspective of one of the Soldiers who lived the firefight in real-time. Information about this particular video is spread out, and very sparse, so the this article is written based specifically off of the original posters YouTube description of the events as they occurred.

According to the description in the video, the children in the village they took contact at were hellions. They would constantly and consistently be jumping on their vehicles in an attempt to steal gear and equipment from them. They would also often throw rocks at the trucks and turret gunners, and sometimes even cause physical damage to the soldiers. In spite of this, when one of the children is shot by Taliban gun-fire, the Soldiers leap into action and do everything that they can to save the child’s life.

The footage you are about to view was recorded near at a location called Toralay in Afghanistan. We are unsure of the unit, or time-frame that this deployment took place. If the original recorder of this video, or any other members of this unit that were present for this patrol can provide any further information, we will update this post. If you have any further information about this particular patrol you can send an e-mail to [email protected] All we require is some sort of proof that you were actually present at the time of this recording.


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