Constant Bombing Campaign Shows No Sign Of Stopping

first published on July 3, 2016 by

Assad’s near constant bombing campaign against Free Syrian Army rebels in the Damascus suburb of Darayya is showing now signs of stopping. Day and night the munitions continue to fall, quaking the ground and rubbling the buildings. The UN has called Darayya the Syrian “capital of barrel bombs.” However, if you watch the video closely these are not actual barrel bombs like the ones used by the Assad regime in years previous, although they are being dropped from rotary wing aircraft in a similar way. The high explosive munitions appear to be some kind of general purpose bomb comparable or identical to the old Soviet/Russian FAB M62 series of dumb bombs.

The strikes appear to be indiscriminate in their targeting or at least not based on any pinpoint intelligence, but that is what actual war looks like. So the next time someone claims that the US and her Western allies are killing civilians in their targeted airstrikes, show them the last two months of Darayya being leveled by the Assad regime to route out a rebel force that better represents the people than their actual government does.