Terrorist Snipers Conduct Delaying Action While Fighters Regroup

first published on November 30, 2016 by

Terrorist fighters the Abu Amara Brigade release a montage showing them conduct harassing fires against advancing Syrian Army troops in Aleppo.

This propaganda montage was recently released from Aleppo as Syrian Troops continued their advances inside of Aleppo. While the original purpose of the montage was surely to show that the Rebel snipers were effective at killing Syrian Troops, it only succeeds in showing how they are merely harassing them.

My best guess, is that while the Rebel fighters continue to be surrounded by SAA ground forces, these sharpshooters were left behind to delay their advances. While the rebel marksmen continue to harass and delay advances, chances are high that the Rebel troops are regrouping, consolidating, and preparing a massive counter-attack.

The image below is a current picture of the battle space inside of Aleppo. If I were a competent military leader inside of the rebel forces, I would be doing this exact maneuver, either to break out of the position and save as many fighters as possible for later attacks, or to push back and open up the original supply lines for reinforcements. If I were a competent military leader in the SAA, I would be preparing for this counter-attack or break-out through the use of aerial and ground reconnaissance, as crushing the action before it can happen would secure an almost immediate victory in a key location of the war.



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