Dutch and U.S. Marines Conduct Bilateral Training at Camp Lejeune

first published on April 10, 2019 by

Dutch Royal Marines and U.S. Marines come together for an annual bilateral training event at combat town while aboard Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.


Bilateral training between allied nations is a key component to ensuring readiness is kept at a high enough level to sustain continuous combined operations. Dutch Royal Marines and the United States Marines often work together while conducting counter-narcotic and anti-terrorism activities abroad. Bringing the two groups together in one spot to train as a team allows both groups to grow together while simultaneously strengthening the already existing bond the two groups of Marines share with each other.

The video below, which comes to us courtesy of the United States Marine Corps and Cpl. Austin Livingston, was recorded in Combat Town at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and the Immersion Trainer. It shows United States Marines from 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion, II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group working with the Dutch Royal Marines as the Royal Marines take charge in conducting military operations in urban terrain. This training is part of an annual training exercise with the Dutch Royal Marines, and allows both groups to learn to work as a cohesive unit when operations require the two separate entities to do so in the future.


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