Communist Guerrillas Film Deadly Firefight Against Philippines Army

first published on October 14, 2019 by

A video reportedly filmed by communist guerrillas of Pulang Bagani Command in the New People’s Army, an internationally designated terror organization, allegedly shows an ambush in which the militants kill three Filipino troops.

communist guerrillas

From the video we can see an extremely unorganized, untrained, yet well-equipped gaggle of fighters firing in the direction of government troops. Throughout the video multiple instances of weapons malfunctions occur in which the militants are unable to correct due to lack of training.

The footage is a fratricide nightmare. Fighters shoot over each others’ heads and sprint back and forth through their buddy’s sectors of fire without even looking back. It’s incredible that no friendly fire occurs during the video.

The militants fight their way up a road to where multiple soldiers have been shot and killed. They capture their gear and fall back while chanting in celebration.