Combined Arms Attack Devastates Regime Position

first published on January 24, 2016 by

The 13th Coastal Division begins a heavy combined arms attack on a regime controlled area near Aleppo, Syria.

Members of the FSA’s 13th Coastal Division use their extensive arsenal of heavy weapons to kick off a major offensive. Heavy machine guns, mortars, and rockets are used to put the regime troops into a scenario that neither allows them to retreat, or attack.

The Maneuver Warfare Handbook written by William S Lind in 1985 defines combined arms as: “Combined arms hits the enemy with two or more arms simultaneously in such a manner that the actions he must take to defend himself from one make him more vulnerable to another. In contrast, supporting arms is hitting the enemy with two or more arms in sequence, or if simultaneously, then in such combination that the actions the enemy must take to defend himself from one also defends himself from the other(s).” Which is exactly what we see the 13th Coastal Division doing in this video.

Combined Attack

The machine guns are hammering windows and rooftop positions, while rockets slam into the lower decks, and mortars impact on top of the buildings. There is no where the troops inside can go to avoid fire, without making themselves vulnerable to another form of fire.


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