Marines Engaged In Close Combat For School In Najaf 2004

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Marines with Battalion Landing Team 1/4 assault the insurgent held Sadr School in Najaf, Iraq on 12 August 2004 to evacuate wounded Marines.

In a video that was just recently published to Facebook, Sergeant Major Justin Lehew recounts the day that his rifle company had to evacuate wounded Marines from inside of Sadr School in Najaf, Iraq. Funker530 – Combat Footage will always, first and foremost, be about telling the stories of the men and women who have served their countries honorably. Here is the story as it was told by the Sergeant Major.

School 1

Sadr school casevac 12 August 2004, Najaf Iraq

Company C, 3rd Platoon elements pinned down inside of the Sadr School as they clear the building of insurgents. Insurgents begin rolling grenades down the stairs at the Marines going up. Insurgent Sniper has alleyway controlled to deter Marines from getting out or in. Marines are wounded inside of the building. Plan is this. 1stSgt will run down alleyway to draw out the sniper. Marine machine gun team will fix snipers location when he fires (and hopefully misses). Close combat still happening in the building as you can hear firing and grenades going off throughout the video. Sniper shoots at 1stSgt, misses, he gets to the Marines and Corpsman in the building. Machine Gunners locate sniper and pin him down. Rounds still coming in for a brief moment but they take care of that rapidly. 1stSgt communicates with Platoon Sergeant that casualties are being brought out along with the men. Platoon Sergeant will tell Machine Gunners to shift fires to the left side of the alleyway as Marines carrying casualties are coming straight at them down the right side of the alleyway. Company GySgt and casualty collection team at the ready. Yes, that is a US Marine, LCpl James Hassle carrying out his brother, LCpl Ryan Borgstrom on his back, under fire a distance of over 75 yards to safety.

Thanks to our Company Clerk, here is the video of it all.

Semper Fidelis

Battalion Landing Team 1/4, 11th MEU 2004

“Whatever it takes”


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