Second Combat Perspective: Doubles Yesterday’s Deadly GoPro Footage

first published on February 6, 2017 by

A second possible perspective of yesterday’s dramatic GoPro footage covering a rebel operation in Idlib province was released via Free Syrian Army (FSA) propaganda channels. This clip doubles the deadly footage, showing a separate cameraman gunning down two enemy combatants from an adjacent roof. The release of both videos through different outlets sheds some light on the complex web of propaganda and alliances surrounding the FSA and its extremist neighbors.

Another FSA faction released a second GoPro perspective of recent combat footage from inside the rebel held territory of Idlib, Syria. Fighting has intensified in the region recently after the Assad regime’s capture of the Abu Duhur airfield from al-Qaeda this past month. In response, Al-Qaeda and its allies have repeatedly counter-attacked along the front attempting to disrupt these SAA operations.

The video is purportedly from one of these counter-attacks against SAA forces near the village of Al-Khwein in southern Idlib this past January. This second perspective adds some context to yesterday’s dramatic video, beginning with an aerial drone view of the battlefield and this time showing four Turkish armored vehicles and an aged tank. The rebels move through the outskirts of town on foot, utilizing the now common “let’s just shoot at everything” technique to advance.

Finally catching a glimpse of what appears to be the school from yesterday’s video, the GoPro sporting rebel enters the building directly adjacent. He rushes up the stairs without sweeping any lower floors and heads directly to the roof. Cautiously peering around the corner, he immediately spots two enemy soldiers just meters away on the other rooftop. Taking what counts for semi-aimed shots in the Middle East, the rebel engages both targets – possible hitting either one or both, though it’s difficult to judge from the video.

The FSA, according to its official website, is a “moderate armed opposition fighting across Syria, to free the Syrian people from the Assad regime, its foreign militia and Daesh.” But after nearly seven years of brutal civil war and the recent Turkish invasion of Afrin supported by both the FSA and al-Qaeda against the Kurds, distinguishing moderates from extremists has increasingly become a difficult hair to split.

Watch and compare yesterday’s dramatic GoPro footage Here


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