Combat Footage: Evolved. HD Overhead Combat Footage

first published on October 19, 2015 by

The future of combat footage has arrived.

Aerial drone cameras are not a new thing. They have been in use since the dawn of Dragon Eye, and Scan Eagle. However, recently we have seen a shift with this technology landing in the hands of civilians. I believe in the near future we will be seeing a major shift in how combat is recorded and fed to the public.

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The uses for this technology are astounding when combined with the very real need the military has. Think about every range you have ever run for a moment. Reflect upon the after actions of every training session you have completed. Stop and wonder how much better all of those could have been, if someone had recorded the entire session from above.

I believe in the very near future we will see this technology being used by all major military forces. Not only for surveillance and information gathering, but for recording their own actions to make themselves more effective at winning gun fights.



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